Kurt Cobain, Chad Channing and Krist Novoselic, 1990.

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"If any of you in any way hate homosexuals, people of different color, or women, please do this one favor for us - leave us the fuck alone! Don’t come to our shows and don’t buy our records."

Kurt Cobain. (This is still relevant today, we do NOT want these types of people following us or sending us messages which we do receive almost daily. Please, fuck off.)

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You Know You're Right [Acoustic Demo]
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Nirvana - You Know You’re Right [Acoustic Demo]

Twenty years ago - Kurt Cobain records an acoustic version of ‘You Know You’re Right’ at his Seattle home.

Kurt Cobain in Milwaukee, 1993.

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Anonymous inquired:

wasnt that when smells like teen spirit was played first too? and why does it say 1990 and not 1991 on the list?

Yes it was, ‘Teen Spirit’ was played for the first time live at the OK Hotel in Seattle, Washington along with ‘Pennyroyal Tea.’ The setlist reads 1990 because of a simple writing error. It’s from 1991 which we have on record and footage of the two performances are on the ‘With The Lights Out' boxset.

Today in 1991, Nirvana play at the O.K. Hotel in Seattle, Washington with Fitz Of Depression and Bikini Kill. This would be the first time ‘Pennyroyal Tea’ is played live.

Read More on this show here.

Terminator X to the Edge of Panic
Public Enemy
It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back
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"‘It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back’ is one of my favorite rap albums ever." - Kurt Cobain. He ranked this album #43 out of his Top 50 Albums list.

The ‘Riot Grrrl’ zine was created by Molly Neuman of Bratmobile.

Issued in October of 1991 - The name of ‘Riot Grrrl’ came from a journalistic suggestion for a zine to be called ‘Girl Riot’ and Tobi Vail’s commonly used expressions of the ‘Angry Grrrl Scene’ when talking about upcoming artists/bands who were nascent - Molly combined the two and created ‘Riot Grrrl.’

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Kim did a great job last week with Nirvana. She was so happy and thrilled to be part of the event and even during rehearsals, she put everything she had into it. "Thank you so much Dave, Krist and Pat for thinking of me! It was surreal and epic, wish I could say something witty and original but it was unforgettable like Kurt!" - Kim Gordon.

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"When I was about 12, I wanted to be a Rock ‘n’ Roll star, and I thought having groupies would be my payback to all the jocks who got girlfriends all the time. But I realized way before I became a Rock star that that was stupid." - Kurt Cobain, 1992.

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"Remember, Listen to what you want.
Wear what you want to wear.
And be who you want to be.
Never let anyone change that."

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Krist Novoselic, Live and Loud, 1993.

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"I tapped her on the shoulder earlier on and just said ‘Hey.’ She said ‘Hey.’ We hugged and she says ‘Let’s do this. Let’s Rock this tonight.’ We’re family, no matter what. And we all love each other, no matter what. It’s a lot bigger than a paragraph or a picture. It’s real. So it was a reunion, and we were there for Kurt. It was a beautiful night. It was good.” - Dave Grohl on Courtney Love during Nirvana’s Rock Hall, 2014.

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"The first time we played together, it was like seeing a ghost. The second time, it was a little more reserved. And the last time we played it was like that fucking Demi Moore/Patrick Swayze pottery wheel scene from Ghost. We usually got the song by the third take. It started to sound like Nirvana. Our road crew and some friends were in the room when we launched into ‘Scentless Apprentice’ for the first time. There were jaws on the floor. I hadn’t played in that band in 20 years, and hearing what it sounded like when we played ‘Scentless Apprentice’ legitimized it for me. I’d almost forgotten what it was like to be in a room full of Nirvana. That first day back really legitimized it. I was like, ‘Oh, that’s right! We sounded like this, and that’s why people paid attention. Oh, okay!’ It wasn’t just the book and the movie and the Behind The Music. It was the sound in a room, like this, that makes people go, ‘What the fuck?’ It was pretty fuckin’ great. We began with Krist, Pat and I just getting our stuff together, and then Kim came by and then Joan." - Dave Grohl on the Nirvana rehearsals for Rock Hall, 2014.

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"She took it on like it was her calling, she got really excited and sent me this flurry of emails. She learned every song on Nevermind. She’s everything that Nirvana stood for, she’s powerful, rebellious, musical force of nature. We couldn’t think of anyone better to join us." - Dave Grohl on Joan Jett for Nirvana’s Rock Hall Performance, 2014.

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