"Sometimes I just fall asleep. I was hyperactive as a child and they gave me speed to counteract that, and it supposedly brought on the narcolepsy, because I started getting it after that. It comes and goes. I mean, if I’m lying in bed and it happens, I’ll just sleep for a few hours. It’s only happened in the middle of a live show a couple of times. I just passed out. I can wake up within a couple of seconds. I’ve fallen down a lot of times." - Kurt Cobain, 1992.

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Fan Request: what do you besides blog about nirvana?

I think I just answered this about a month ago. Anyway, I take pictures and other stuff. Whatever. A little bit of this and a little bit of that. Whatever suits my fancy.

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Courtney Love says production on Kurt Cobain biopic will begin in 'next 12 months'

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Nirvana's Reunion Honored 'Queer, Feminist Scene,' St. Vincent Says

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Sonic Youth guitars.

Hm. I wonder if T ever found the school’s open guitar? Some punk stole it.

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"There’s nothing better than having a baby, I’ve always loved children. I used to work summers at the YMCA and be in charge of like 30 preschool kids. I knew that when I had a child, I’d be overwhelmed and it’s true… I can’t tell you how much my attitude has changed since we’ve got Frances. Holding my baby is the best drug in the world." - Kurt Cobain.

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(Via:foreverstaringatgreenland): So this just happened the other day on my blog and I couldn’t help but laugh a little.

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Nirvana poster, 1993.

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Interviewer: "Music critics generally label Nirvana as “rebels.” Is Cobain comfortable with the tag?"

Kurt Cobain: "Well, I do not take offense to it. I think it’s cool but we have our commercial side too. Some of our songs are really accessible, so accessible even grandmothers can listen and enjoy. On one hand, we have the really loud and noisy stuff, and then we also have the melodic stuff."

Read the full interview here. (Website)

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'The Go Team' Sessions : Recorded April, 1989 - Released July, 1989.

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I Saw You Shine
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Face me now.
Show me all your tears.
Your pain makes me burn.

Monkey Gone To Heaven
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Anonymous inquired:

dude you like pj harvey? reblog more music like dead kennedys.

Of course! I got into her music because of Kurt though, as he ranked one of her albums as one of his favorites. So as I was browsing through his journals I checked her music out and was into it. She was actually going to be one of the head female vocalists for Nirvana during their induction earlier this year. She was busy with another thing in another country. They were wanting her for ‘Polly’ or ‘Milk It.’ I can’t remember exactly what they said.

Dead Kennedys! Hm, I’ll dig through what I have and reblog a couple more tunes.

Plants and Rags
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