Kurt Cobain live with guitars. From the Nirvana Instagram.

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Krist Novoselic and Dan Peters stand next to Kurt Cobain as he’s pointing out his ‘K’ records tattoo, 1990.

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October 24th, 1990 - Nirvana, L7 and Godflesh perform at the Astoria Theatre in London, United Kingdom.

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"I smoke Benson & Hedge’s Deluxe Ultra-Light Menthols. It tastes good, and it fools me into thinking that I’m smoking less. Or taking more vitamins, or something. And my breath smells good." - Kurt Cobain.

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August 19th, 1990 - Poster from a Nirvana show at The Casbah in San Diego, California. It advertises Chad Channing as being a member of Nirvana but at this time, he had already been removed as a member of Nirvana. Dale Crover was the current drummer.

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franbrujo inquired:

The Nirvana concert in Bleach 20 anniversary have video?

Yes it does. It’s from February of 1990 at the Pine Street Theatre in Portland.

Kurt Cobain at the Hampshire college in Massachusetts, 1990.

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Nirvana - Long Beach, California, 1990.

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What year did Krist shave bald?

April 26th (or the 27th) of 1990.

February 16th, 1990 - Nirvana performing at Bogart’s in Long Beach, California.

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pacifistforlife inquired:

Couple questions, there's a picture of Krist with blood down his mouth and body, was that real? Is there some story behind it? And second question is, did anything Nirvana related happen on May 11? Great blog, keep rockin :P

I was speaking with Aaron Burckhard, the first drummer of Nirvana, earlier this year about that exact event! I called him up and we had an hour conversation or so about Kurt and Nirvana because it was around Kurt’s 20th Anniversary of his passing and I recorded the entire thing. This is a quote from what Aaron said:

"What I remember is everybody was too scared to come into the living room, I don’t know why, and Krist was hammered drunk, he liked to drink wine. First he jumped, no, he got a hold of vampire blood. He poured vampire blood all over himself, and then he jumped through the window, into the kitchen, and out of the window and kept doing that. I remember that I had to drive the van, it had all of our equipment, everybody was hammered. I ended up driving all of our equipment home that night." - Aaron Burckhard, 2014.

May 11th, 1990 - Nirvana performed at the Tulsa Theatre in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Nirvana were also recording ‘Nevermind’ in 1991 throughout the month of May in California.

yourmotherkills inquired:

Has Nirvana ever played at Anaheim, California? Or anywhere in Southern California??

Nirvana never performed in Anaheim, but they did play all throughout others parts of California/Southern California. ( San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, Daly City, San Diego, Venutra, Inglewood, Sacramento ) - It’s actually where Krist Novoselic was living as a young child for a short while, close around Compton and Gardena. Even Chad Channing (Nirvana’s drummer) was born in Santa Rosa, California.

Nirvana went into a little rehearsal space in April of 1991 to rehearse songs from ‘Nevermind’ before recording them in May, 1991. This was in Burbank, California. Throughout the month of May, 1991 - Nirvana recorded their second album ‘Nevermind’ in Van Nuys and Burbank, California at the Sound City Studios.

Kurt Cobain rehearsed and jammed on a lot of tracks in Southern California. It’s actually where a few songs from ‘In Utero’ and some of Dave Grohl’s early Foo Fighters songs were created. Nirvana had many photo-shoots and interviews in 1991/1992 and 1993 in California/Southern California. A lot of Nirvana history took place in California.

mylifeasdomo inquired:

How many times have nirvana been to ohio? If so what we're the dates?

A total of nine times.

October 5th, 1989 - Toledo, Ohio.

October 6th, 1989 - Cincinnati, Ohio.

April 14th, 1990 - Cincinnati, Ohio.

May 9th, 1990 - Columbus, Ohio.

May 10th, 1990 - Cincinnati, Ohio.

October 9th, 1991 - Columbus, Ohio.

October 10th, 1991 - Cleveland, Ohio.

October 30th, 1993 - Dayton, Ohio.

October 31st, 1993 - Akron, Ohio.

Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic during an outdoor barbeque, 1990.

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