"I’m extremely proud of what we’ve (Krist and Dave) accomplished together. Having said that however, I don’t know how long we can continue as Nirvana without a radical shift in direction. I have lots of ideas and ambitions that have nothing to do with the mass conception of ‘Grunge’ that has been force-fed to the record buying public for the last few years. Whether I will be able to do everything I want to do as part of Nirvana remains to be seen. To be fair, I also know that both Krist and Dave have musical ideas that may not work in the context of Nirvana. We’re all tired of being labeled. You can’t imagine how stifling it is." - Kurt Cobain’s last interview, 1994 (via: NirvanaNews Instagram)

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Sonic Youth - Bull in the Heather. (Live on David Letterman, 1994)

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Kurt Cobain / 1994.

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Kurt Cobain adjusting his mic during a live show in Vancouver, BC, Canada, 1994.

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annorexorcist91 inquired:

Hey, have you seen the photo of a letter Kurt wrote to Kristen about kicking him and Dave out of the band? I just wanted to know of you knew it was real or anything else about it because it's not dated or signed. Thanks

I do know about the photo. And I have a copy of it. It’s one of the things I refuse to share for certain reasons. I believe you meant ‘Krist’ - right? And yes it was real, but never sent or shown to any of the other guys and it’s from March, 1994. This would be the first time I’ve made a post about it/responded to a question about it.

Courtney Love by Karen Moskowitz, 1994.

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Rare Memorabilia: From an issue of ‘Spin’ magazine, December 1994.

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regularcreep inquired:

Kurt looks quite young in the sappy video. In what year exactly was that video recorded?

The ‘Sappy’ music video isn’t actually a music video by Nirvana. It was fan made years ago and features various footage from various years. A lot of the footage you see in that was from the Kurt Cobain tribute collage created by Dave and Krist played on the MTV Video Music Awards in 1994. That was Kurt Cobain’s homemade footage from the 80’s. He was in his late teens around that time.

Kurt Cobain in Vancouver, Canada, 1994.

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Dave Grohl live in France, 1994. (Via:NirvanaNews/Instagram)

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Kurt Cobain live in Canada, 1994.

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Where and When Nirvana Play in France ? :)

December 1st, 1989 - The MJC Espace Icare in Issy-les-Moulineaux, Paris, France.

December 7th, 1991 - Salle Omnisports Arena in Rennes, France for Trans Musicales.

June 24th, 1992 - Le Zenith in Paris, France.

February 4th, 1994 - The Canal+ in Paris, France. (these performances can be seen on the recent DVD released titled: ‘Live and Loud.’ Purchase here.

February 10th, 1994 - Palais de Sports Arena in Toulouse, France.

February 12th, 1994 - The Zenith Omega in Toulon, France.

February 14th, 1994 - Le Zenith in Paris, France.

February 16th, 1994 - Salle Omnisports Arena in Rennes, France.

February 18th, 1994 - Le Summum in Grenoble, France.

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Kurt Cobain live in Slovenia, 1994.

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Newly released photo of Pat Smear live in Slovenia from 1994.

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Do you know why Nirvana decided to record "You Know You're Right"? Like what were their intentions with it? Were they wanting to release a single, or itching to start recording a new album? Just curious cause to my knowledge, it seems odd that they would book a random date out of nowhere just for one song. When Nirvana recorded, it was either for an album or to lay down multiple demos. And YKYR is just one song and seems too finished and polished too be considered a demo. thanks!

That was a song they were jamming on live throughout 1993. They finally had it down by early ‘94 and decided to book a studio session to record it along with a few other tracks that Dave and Krist had been working on.

"That’s how we got all those other weird songs that came out on split singles or compilations. It was just, ‘Let’s do something.’" - Krist Novoselic.

"I remember being on tour and Kurt talking about wanting to go into a studio and record some stuff." - Dave Grohl.

The session was originally scheduled for the 28th of January, but Kurt was late, which allowed Dave and Krist to have two days (Kurt finally showed up to record ‘You Know You’re Right’ on the 30th of January) of recording their own material. A lot of instrumental takes were done and demos for what would become early Foo Fighters tracks.