The Cobain Family.

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Asking for It
Live Through This
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"The only one you can really hear on the finished record with Kurt’s vocals is "Asking For It" where Courtney sings, ‘If you live through this with me.’ Kurt sang on about five or so other tracks, Miss World, Violet, Doll Parts." - Paul Kolderie [engineer]


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How do you personally feel about the Kurt Cobain biopic? Do you think it will be any good?

I have no idea. I don’t know enough about it to say anything. The majority of people are either going to like it or hate it based upon Courtney herself rather than the actual film. It’s been in the works for a while though.

Courtney Love says production on Kurt Cobain biopic will begin in 'next 12 months'

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How old was Kurt when he married Courtney?

He was 25.

Nighttime Reads: 1993 Rio de Janeiro interview featuring Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love.

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austin29mtv inquired:

what ever happened to kurt's jaguar?

Last I heard Courtney Love owned it or gave it to Eric Erlandson. It can be seen in Hole’s “Doll Parts” music video. Fender took control of it a while back for the replicas they produced.

Kurt Cobain and his 'Courtney' scratched guitar.

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Anonymous inquired:

Hey! Did you see on the news about the musicvault uploading 13,000+ concerts to youtube.. is Nirvana going to have this too?

I did. I messaged them about it because the Wolfgang vaults supposedly has Nirvana related memorabilia, and I was seeing if they had a few Nirvana concerts. They replied and said there are no Nirvana concerts that will uploaded. So as far as MusicVault and Nirvana, it won’t be happening.

I sent Courtney and Krist a message, I’ve been trying to bring Nirvana’s concerts to Youtube for a while now. The fans want it, and it will be a great experience for everyone involved.

has Kurt Cobain/Nirvana ever been to Newport, Wales? There was a rumour that he proposed to Courtney in a famous local bar here (T.J's) Cheers mate!

December 10th, 1991 - Kurt Cobain traveled to TJ’s in the United Kingdom to meet with Courtney Love as her band Hole played that evening.

"We’d heard rumours that Mr. Cobain was lurking around on the periphery of the tour on his days off so it was nice to see him show up down at TJ’s." - Mike McKeegan of the band ‘Therapy?’

"Courtney Love had come in late and I’d taken her through, too late even to do a vocal check. Some time later this guy came shambling up and I challenged him because he went to walk straight in. I said ‘That’ll be £5, mate’ or whatever it was and he muttered something pretty unintelligible. He had hair all over the place and I was thinking he may be one of those occasional people we got who just wandered in off the street, coming in by mistake.

The second time I challenged him he brushed his hair off his face and said, ‘I’m with Courtney’ and of course then I recognized immediately who it was. What was nice was at the end of the night Kurt shook my hand and said, ‘Thanks man, you’ve got a nice venue here’.” - Simon Phillips [venue promoter].


Courtney Love by Karen Moskowitz, 1994.

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There's someone in the comments of a youtube video that claims he watched a video where Kurt punched Axl Rose. I really think that never happened. Did that ever happened?

This never happened. Axl told Kurt to control his wife (Courtney) and keep her in line backstage at the MTV Awards in 1992 when she jokingly asked Axl to be the godfather of Frances.

Kurt Cobain talks about a dream he had in 1993.

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feministbody inquired:

do you have info on the rock against rape show? thanks (:

That was a benefit show from Kurt and Courtney in Hollywood, California on September 8th, 1993. It was the first time Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love performed together on stage (and an acoustic set) - Courtney played ‘Doll Parts’ and ‘Miss World’ earlier on and later Kurt joined her for a duet of ‘Pennyroyal Tea’ and ‘Where Did You Sleep Last Night.’

The benefit was to help ‘First Strike Rape Prevention,’ a self-defense training center for women.