Nirvana Pumpkin by reddragon105.

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Halloween, 1991. #Nirvana.

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Nirvana - Lithium.

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Why give away candy on Halloween that rots your kids teeth when you can give away Punk Rock CDs/Vinyl to rot their brains instead!

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Kurt Cobain dressed as Barney the Dinosaur, Pat Smear as Slash, Halloween in Ohio at the University of Akron, 1993.

Are you ready for Halloween?

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Post card to Ian Dickson & Nikki McClure. (the "Live At The Paramount" “go-go dancers” from the side of the stage.)

I wanted to add a little more to this. Nikki and Ian were Kurt’s friends from Olympia, Ian Dickson & Nikki McClure. He asked them both to "go-go dance" on stage while Nirvana were playing. It was an “anti-go-go-dance” creation. Bikini Kill used a thick marker pen and wrote “SLUT” & “WHORE” on their bodies before they performed that evening in Seattle on Halloween, and since Ian and Nikki were young indie kids, Nikki decided to have Ian wear a T-shirt that read “BOY”, while she wore one boasting “GIRL”.  Gold Mountain did not like that at all, and wanted to keep the cameras away from all of them which is probably why there isn’t any Bikini Kill live footage from the Paramount show.

"We infiltrated. I was fiercely trying to keep showbiz sexism, commercialism, exploitation and evil life from draining energy away." - Nikki McClure.

Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Live on Halloween, 1991)

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Halloween, 1993.

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waachbirne inquired:

Hey there! I was wondering if there is a video from nirvanas halloween concert in 1993? Could only find audio recordings but I'd love to see Kurt dressed as barney!

I don’t have any video from that show. I’m not sure if video even exist! I read that some cameras were filming, but most likely, because of it being in a University, it was members of the audience doing the recording so only amateur footage would be available. I spoke with the photographer last year (the one who snapped the photos you see of Kurt dressed as Barney) and he never mentioned anything about video footage.

Nirvana live at The University of Akron, 1993.

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newly released photo of Kurt Cobain dressed as Barney The Dinosaur and Pat Smear dressed as Slash during Nirvana’s Halloween show, 1993.

Special Thanks to photographer: Jay Brown.

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Drain You [Live at The Paramount]
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Nirvana - Drain You [Live at The Paramount, 1991]

Kurt Cobain dressed as Barney during a Nirvana Halloween show, 1993. Special Thanks to photographer: Jay Brown.

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Krist Novoselic - Live at The Paramount, 1991.

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