An Apology from Henry Rollins.

Respect to Henry Rollins. I avoided making a comment on his earlier comments as I expected this outcome, an apology, which I knew he would eventually do once his mind was clear because of Henry’s own personal demons he’s battled. Thank you Henry.

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Anonymous inquired:

Did Kurt ever met Henry Rollins?

Kurt and Henry were in the same room a few times. Here is part of an interview Henry did where he talks about that.

Interviewer: "Kurt Cobain has you listed as one of his biggest influences. Did you guys ever converse about that?"

Henry Rollins: "Here’s all my moments with Kurt Cobain, Whenever I was in the same room with Kurt, he would always freak out, get really nervous and just get fidgety. One time, I looked at him, and just looking at him was like I hit him, I looked at him and he goes (makes a nervous expression) I said, “Hey Courtney, what’s up with your boyfriend?” She said, “He’s afraid of you ’cause he doesn’t wanna be weird in front of you and he’s kind of a fan and he’s just nervous, so…when Kurt gets nervous, he just bails.”

And the last time I ever saw him was at one of my shows, and it was a venue where there was a store-front window behind the stage, so people could just look in, and you could look back out. And I was talking to people after the show, and he was outside looking in at me from the sidewalk, just like this (he stands frozen.) And I think that’s a distance he felt safe. But I know people who he would speak to, where he’d be, “You know Henry, what’s he like?” So I never had the chance to meet him. You know, I’m quite a fan, I mean, he seemed like the real thing and made good music but uh, was in the same room as him, and never had the honor to shake the hand.”

 Interviewer: "He probably felt the same way about you."

Henry Rollins: "I mean, he was great. And sadly missed, but umm, I guess he had a thing with me. He didn’t wanna hang out or something."

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