"Chad isn’t in the band anymore. We’ll miss him. We don’t know what may lie ahead. Maybe we’ll sign with Disney." - A page from Kurt Cobain’s journals.

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Paper Cuts.

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Kurt Cobain : Journals.

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horizingsun inquired:

hey there, great blog. can you tell me/show me Kurt's favorite albums?

Kurt had many Top Favorite songs over the years of his life. Here is a list he created himself:


Kurt Cobain’s early ideas for the ‘Come As You Are’ music video. Footage of sea monkeys, jelly fish and sperm were requested for the video.

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"I made about 5 million dollars last year [1993]. I moved away to Los Angeles for a year and came back to Seattle to find that three of my best friends have become full blown heroin addicts. I’ve learned to hate Riot Grrrl. A movement in which I was a witness to its very initial inception because I fucked the girl who put out the first Grrrl style fanzine and she is exploiting the fact that she fucked me.

That’s okay because I chose to let corporate white men exploit me a few years ago and I love it. It feels good. I’m not gonna donate a single dollar to the fucking needy Indie fascist regime. They can starve. Let them eat vinyl. Every crumb for himself. I’ll be able to sell my untalented, very ungenerous ass for years based on my cult status.” - Kurt Cobain.

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Early lyrics to 'Radio Friendly Unit Shifter' titled as '9 Month Media Blackout.'

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Lyrics to ‘Verse Chorus Verse.’

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Lyrics to ‘Sappy.’ [x]

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Drawing by Kurt Cobain.

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"The male seahorse carries the children and gives them birth."

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Anonymous inquired:

Could you post photos of Kurt Cobain's journal? All the pictures you have, thanks

I have the entire book, plus a little extra. What are you wanting?

Top Ten Reasons Kurt Cobain is Gay: By Kurt Cobain.

  1. He’s marrying Courtney Love.
  2. Breeder (as in his song ‘Breed’) is gay, slang for straight person.
  3. He dyes his hair girlie colors.
  4. All people are inherently bisexual.
  5. He thinks men should be affectionate with each other.
  6. He’s so fucked up.
  7. He has beautiful eyes.
  8. He likes animals and children.
  9. All cowboys/loggers are closet cases.
  10. He has a K sticker on his guitar.

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The Record - Kurt Cobain, uh, talks about the songs on ‘In Utero.’

Serve The Servants: Initially this song was about coming of age during a time where your old enough to support yourself without the aid of your parents. A theme for the twenty somethings, if you will not. I’ve always felt that a person doesn’t necessarily have to force themselves to love their parents simply because of blood. [longer version here.]

Scentless Apprentice: "Perfume" by Patrick Suskind.

Heart-Shaped Box: Camille’s vaginal/flower theory bleeding and spreading into the fabric that Leonardo would have used to improve his hang glider but he died before he could change the course of history. Shit. I Claudius, I play dumb for thee! And Dorothy and Toto. [longer ranted version here.]

Rape Me: How bold shall the print be made?

Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle: The conspirators are still alive and well in their comfortable, warm, safe homes. Gag on her ashes. Jag on her gash. Uh, God is a woman and she’s black in black.

Dumb: All that pot. All that supposedly un-addictive, harmless, safe reefer that damaged my nerves and ruined my memory and made me feel like wanting to blow up the prom. And the patience to play guitar for five hours everyday after school. And to sleep during the day when I should have paid a bit more attention to my studies, especially in English. Far out.

Very Ape: I forget.

Milk It: If you really love me you will send medical supplies. Oh God. he’s awake again, don’t look, just ignore it before he starts to.. Oh shh, he fell asleep again. Thank God. How do you feel? Shh, be quiet.

Pennyroyal Tea: An herbal abortive. It doesn’t work you hippie.

Radio Friendly Unit Shifter: Boy, this will really get the air man’s blood boiling. He’ll be so pissed. Heh Heh. Clever.

Tourette’s: Me as an old man. I have made my conclusion but nobody will listen anymore. Birds. Birds are and always have been the reincarnated old men with tourette’s syndrome. But sadly, we don’t speak bird. The whales respond with their message for us in similar ways by beaching themselves.

All Apologies: Nothing has or will. Nothing could or should. Alternateens ignoring the Budweiser sponser banner behind the loyalist acts. An excuse to get laid. Jimmy Carter was and still is an extremely loving and sensible man. But when I was a kid, I only remember that he liked peanuts and had big lips.

This album is dedicated to dead relatives.

They are safe, warm and full of happy smiles.

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Kurt Cobain talks first experience with sex.

"In a last attempt to make it clear, this girl did not have down syndrome. She had regular classes for normal people. A lot of naive asshole kids just called her retarded because she never talked. I decided that I’ll not sit on my roof and think about jumping, but I’ll actually kill myself and I wasn’t going out of this world without actually knowing what it is like to get laid.

One day after school, I went to her house alone. I invited myself in and she offered me some Twinkies and I sat on her lap and said “let’s fuck” - I touched her tits and she went into her bedroom and got undressed in front of me with the door open and I watched and realized that it was actually happening. I asked her if she’s ever done this before and she said “a lot of times, mainly with my cousin.”

I got grossed out very heavily so I left. My conscience grew to where I couldn’t go to school for a week. I couldn’t handle the ridicule. So on a Saturday night, I got high and drunk and walked down to the train tracks and layed down and waited for the 11:00 train and I put two big pieces of cement on my chest and legs and the train came closer and closer. It went onto the next track beside me instead of over me. I went down to the station and they tape recorded my confession of what I did and said that her family can’t do anything because she was 18 and not mentally retarded.

The train scared me enough to try to rehabilitate myself and my guitar playing seemed to be improving so I became less manically depressed, but still never had any friends because I hated everyone for they seemed so phony.” - Kurt Cobain, 1989/1990.

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