Read this November 28th, 1991 interview with Nirvana in Sheffield, United Kingdom.

Interviewer: But ya’know, from the.. I don’t know if the word is right, but from the traditional band, the affiliation of a band that you’re coming up with when you talk about the youth, esqued. You’re the first one to boot the door open.

Krist: Yeah, it seems like the mainstream is very consistent. Consistent and like blandest, being bland like bland boring TV shows. Bland boring bands. Bland boring blockbuster movies.

[Kurt laughs]

Krist: It’s all very consistent.

Dave: When it comes to mainstream and commercialism, it’s sort of like noones willing to take a chance because it’s a risk of money. Ya’know, that’s why you’ve had the same bunch of crap on MTV for the past six years or whatever it is now. It just comes down to money and people aren’t willing.. “It’s not a feasible business move” ya’know?

[Dave begins pushing the buttons on the television, changing the channels.]

Krist: That’s right! It’s a vicious circle. Cause actually these people who are trying to make money, they play it really safe, and they take like a demographic survey, so they survey all these papal.. papal.. These papal in the high Vatican.. I mean, um, they survey all these people, and they say “What do you like? What do you want to see?” And they’ve been fed garbage so that’s all they know and so they say “We want more garbage!” So they give them the garbage and survey them again and it’s all this garbage, then the next thing you know you have this overfull landfill full of diapers and styrofoam.

[Kurt laughs]

Krist: And that’s mainstream culture! A soiled pampered diaper in a big mac container.

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Early article on Nirvana’s ‘Bleach’ from 1989. Kurt would often spell his name as Kurdt Kobain, as seen here in the article. [X]

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Currently working on a twenty-minute + long transcript that I’m writing from Nirvana interviews sent to me via inbox. I won’t be showing the video, but I’m typing out everything being said and will share it later. Here is a small portion of it so far that I liked.

Kurt: "Did you hear the story that your wife Shelli said today about her cousin?"

Dave: "Oh, about the girl? That little girl."

Krist: "Oh! The girl, she’s the total typical girl."

Dave: "Check this out!"

[Kurt literally facepalms]

Kurt: "It’s great. This thirteen year old cousin of Shelli’s for the past couple of years had her walls covered in New Kids on the Block posters."

Dave: "Dolls!"

Kurt: "And she had dolls and everything. When she heard our album ‘Nevermind’, she tore all the posters down and burnt her dolls, set them on fire."

Krist: "Stacy is like a little brat, [impersonating the thirteen year old] "I hate New Kids on the Block!" She’s a terror."

Kurt: "She’s smoking cigarettes, she has a tattoo."

Krist: "That’s right. She just takes the car now. She’s not even old enough to drive."

[Dave burst out into laughter]

Krist: "She’s zippin’ up and down."

Kurt: "Playing our music as loud as she can, driving up and down drunk!"

Dave: "Drinking."

Kurt: "Hurting people."

Krist: "This cop pulled her over, she knocked him out."

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Nirvana, 1991.

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Nirvana photo-shoot.

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Post card to Ian Dickson & Nikki McClure. (the "Live At The Paramount" “go-go dancers” from the side of the stage.)

I wanted to add a little more to this. Nikki and Ian were Kurt’s friends from Olympia, Ian Dickson & Nikki McClure. He asked them both to "go-go dance" on stage while Nirvana were playing. It was an “anti-go-go-dance” creation. Bikini Kill used a thick marker pen and wrote “SLUT” & “WHORE” on their bodies before they performed that evening in Seattle on Halloween, and since Ian and Nikki were young indie kids, Nikki decided to have Ian wear a T-shirt that read “BOY”, while she wore one boasting “GIRL”.  Gold Mountain did not like that at all, and wanted to keep the cameras away from all of them which is probably why there isn’t any Bikini Kill live footage from the Paramount show.

"We infiltrated. I was fiercely trying to keep showbiz sexism, commercialism, exploitation and evil life from draining energy away." - Nikki McClure.

Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Live on Halloween, 1991)

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Nirvana photographed by Michael Lavine in New York, 1992.

"I’m extremely proud of what we’ve (Krist and Dave) accomplished together. Having said that however, I don’t know how long we can continue as Nirvana without a radical shift in direction. I have lots of ideas and ambitions that have nothing to do with the mass conception of ‘Grunge’ that has been force-fed to the record buying public for the last few years. Whether I will be able to do everything I want to do as part of Nirvana remains to be seen. To be fair, I also know that both Krist and Dave have musical ideas that may not work in the context of Nirvana. We’re all tired of being labeled. You can’t imagine how stifling it is." - Kurt Cobain’s last interview, 1994 (via: NirvanaNews Instagram)

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austin29mtv inquired:

what ever happened to kurt's jaguar?

Last I heard Courtney Love owned it or gave it to Eric Erlandson. It can be seen in Hole’s “Doll Parts” music video. Fender took control of it a while back for the replicas they produced.

Krist Novoselic and Dan Peters stand next to Kurt Cobain as he’s pointing out his ‘K’ records tattoo, 1990.

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She has a Moist Vagina.

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"Can you feel my Love Buzz?"

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Reading ‘91.

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"Something in her eyes, must be the smoke from my lungs."

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