Interviewer from MTV: "Were you surprised at winning?"

Dave Grohl: "No! They tell you beforehand."

Interviewer from MTV: "But you looked surprise when you came down there!"

Krist Novoselic: "We are, after all, professionals."

Kurt Cobain: "Method acting, ya’ know."

Interviewer from MTV: "I noticed when you were onstage, Kurt, they just cut away from you when you were about to drop your flies."

Kurt Cobain: "I just realized that my fly is open, so, I’m auditioning for a Levis commercial."

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Nirvana backstage at the MTV Video Music Awards, 1992.

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(Source: nirvananews)

Nirvana live during MTV’s Video Music Awards, 1992.

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(Source: nirvananews)

"Kurt wanted to play the tune “Rape Me” and was adamant about it. The MTV people were upset. We were being asked from all corners not to. I thought we should play something off Nevermind, do the gig, and leave. Easy, right? No. Kurt was very stubborn and refused to play another tune. There was quite a swirl around this issue." - Krist Novoselic.

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Kurt Cobain at the MTV Video Music Awards, 1992.

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(Source: nirvananews)

9/9/92 - MTV Video Music Awards, Los Angeles, CA.

"We didn’t wanna play "Smells Like Teen Spirit." So we came into the rehearsals, we were gonna play two new songs [Rape Me & Tourette’s] that fit into the four minute, twenty second slot. So we practiced those and the Stage Manager said “Oh, OK, as long as it fits.” Then we get a call the next day, MTV says we cannot play unless we play "Smells Like Teen Spirit"… Then they told us that we could get on the show if we played "Lithium" later on in the set. They totally rearranged the whole show." - Dave Grohl.

During the performance, against MTV’s wishes, Kurt started to play “Rape Me,” but stopped and went right into “Lithium.”

9/2/93 - at the MTV Video Music Awards. "In Bloom" won ‘Best Alternative Video’.

Video Music Awards, 1993.

9/2/93, Universal City, CA.