serjir inquired:

Have you seen PJ20 the documentary about Pearl Jam? And if so what do you think about it?

I loved the documentary! It was especially nice hearing and seeing Eddie speak about Kurt. There was always a silly Nirvana vs Pearl Jam feud that the mainstream media blew up into something major when it wasn’t. That’s journalist for ya.. Kurt never hated Eddie, he just strongly disliked Pearl Jam’s music.

Kurt would flip through magazines and browse the chart listings (even though he says he didn’t, he was obviously aware) and realize that Pearl Jam’s ‘Vs’ was ranked higher (and sold more copies) than ‘In Utero’ and he totally didn’t get it, he did not understand why, it basically made him slightly irritated. Of course, there will always be competition within the music industry. That’s just how it is. So that film sort of finally put everything to a close when you saw Kurt dancing with Eddie at the ‘92 MTV Awards and the ‘93 interview footage with Nirvana where Kurt says "Eddie is a real nice guy." It helped show that yes, Kurt disliked Pearl Jam, but him and Eddie were okay.

Eddie Vedder is nominated number-one songwriter in some magazine, and I’m not even listed. I slagged them off because I didn’t like their band. I hadn’t met Eddie at the time. It was my fault; I should have been slagging off the record company instead of them. They were marketed, not probably against their will, but without them realizing they were being pushed into the grunge bandwagon.” - Kurt Cobain.

"I don’t think Kurt understood us at the time, but we became friends and I’m glad we had some of the great conversations we had. if Kurt were around today, I know he’d say to me, ‘Well, you turned out OK’." - Eddie Vedder.

September 9th, 1992 - After debating over performing ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ and ‘Rape Me.’ Nirvana plays ‘Lithium’ at the MTV Video Music Awards in California.

September 2nd, 1993 - Kurt Cobain at the MTV Video Music Awards.

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Kurt Cobain trashing Nirvana’s set live at the MTV awards, 1992.

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Kurt Cobain’s arrival at the MTV Awards, 1993. [x]

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Kurt Cobain / MTV / 1993.

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Kurt Cobain arriving at MTV’s Video Music Awards, 1993.

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There's someone in the comments of a youtube video that claims he watched a video where Kurt punched Axl Rose. I really think that never happened. Did that ever happened?

This never happened. Axl told Kurt to control his wife (Courtney) and keep her in line backstage at the MTV Awards in 1992 when she jokingly asked Axl to be the godfather of Frances.

regularcreep inquired:

Kurt looks quite young in the sappy video. In what year exactly was that video recorded?

The ‘Sappy’ music video isn’t actually a music video by Nirvana. It was fan made years ago and features various footage from various years. A lot of the footage you see in that was from the Kurt Cobain tribute collage created by Dave and Krist played on the MTV Video Music Awards in 1994. That was Kurt Cobain’s homemade footage from the 80’s. He was in his late teens around that time.

September 2nd, 1993 - Nirvana, shown here with RuPaul, attends the MTV Video Music Awards in California, 1993. The band won ‘Best Alternative Video’ for their single, ‘In Bloom.’

Nirvana stated after winning:

Dave Grohl: "They tell you beforehand. I guess if anyone looks surprised when they receive their award.. We do a good job."
Krist Novoselic: "We are, after all, professionals."
Kurt Cobain: "Method acting."

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Nirvana on the MTV Video Music Awards, 1992.

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Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl at the MTV Video Music Awards, 1993.

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Nirvana and Ru Paul at the MTV awards, 1993.

Thank you to everyone who helped us reach over 2,000 followers on the Nirvana Instagram within just a few months period.

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Interviewer from MTV: "Were you surprised at winning?"

Dave Grohl: "No! They tell you beforehand."

Interviewer from MTV: "But you looked surprise when you came down there!"

Krist Novoselic: "We are, after all, professionals."

Kurt Cobain: "Method acting, ya’ know."

Interviewer from MTV: "I noticed when you were onstage, Kurt, they just cut away from you when you were about to drop your flies."

Kurt Cobain: "I just realized that my fly is open, so, I’m auditioning for a Levis commercial."

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Nirvana backstage at the MTV Video Music Awards, 1992.

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