Kurt Cobain performing for 350,000+ people in Brazil at the Hollywood Rock Festival. Nirvana’s largest show.

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stereoscent inquired:

What was the largest show; festival and/or venue (capacity) Nirvana ever played?

Their show in Rio, Brazil for the Hollywood Rock Festival, it was 350,000+ people.

Did Kurt & Courtney ever write songs about one another?

There are a lot of bits and pieces within Nirvana/Hole songs from Kurt and Courtney that relate to one another (You Know You’re Right / Heart-Shaped Box / Beautiful Son / Northern Star / Honey / Malibu for example) - Several songs, when performed live, have been dedicated to Courtney or Frances by Kurt or to Kurt by Courtney.

what can you tell us about the Nirvana covering 'My best friends girl' by The Cars in Munich, 94 ? do you know if it was planned or it just kind of happened? sounds like theyre about to start 'Radio Friendly Unit Shifter' until dave starts playing the 'My best friends girl' drum beat

It wasn’t on the setlist so chances are they planned it on stage as they begin with ‘Radio Friendly Unit Shifter.’

Nirvana/Alice In Chains/Red Hot Chili Peppers, MTV Live and Loud, 1993.

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Happy Easter from Nirvana!

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Joan Jett Rockin' With Nirvana.

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(Via:larvalstalkerstuff): Some of my Nirvana stuff. And my son has 2 Nirvana onesies.

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Do you know the concert where courtney got emocional and screamed KURT!!! ? i cant find it anywhere pls help

Probably quite a few performances, I really have no idea. We don’t keep track of Hole’s or Courtney’s performances unless she’s covering Nirvana tracks or she directly says something towards our way.

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Previously unseen photo of Kurt Cobain in Canada, 1991.

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Hear a demo version of Soundgarden’s "Black Hole Sun," from the forthcoming Superunknown reissue.

thadekrueger inquired:

There's still a bunch of nirvana material I'd like to see get the studio treatment, but has there been any word from anyone at all about the basement demos w/ Eric and Pat?

There hasn’t been anything discussed about the ‘94 demos. It would be great to hear that material. The last sessions of Kurt Cobain ever recorded. I would like for it to come as part of a soundtrack when his movie is complete along with more unheard demos that he has in the vaults.

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Anonymous inquired:

What happen to that audio collage you had with William Burroughs? thanks for the work you guys do..

It was a mix I was working with using various audio bits of William Burroughs speaking along with Kurt Cobain’s sounds (puking, pissing in the toilet, screams, etc) from his Montage of Heck. The plan was to combine the two for a two or three minute piece. I scrapped the idea almost a year ago.