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do you like hole?

I do! I’ve always enjoyed Hole’s music dating back to 1989. The 2010 album even had a couple of alright tracks that I enjoyed. I don’t look at it as the same Hole. I look at it as a reversed Alice In Chains. Eric is a great lyricists. Courtney’s voice was perfect for the music they had written and created together.

I really miss and favorited Kristen the most. She was one of my favorite bassists from around that time period. I have always had a thing for female bassists. From Juliana Hatfield, Lori Black and Jennifer Finch to Kim Gordon, Kim Deal and especially DD Wretzky. Truly, a beautiful soul that was battling an addiction like many at the time. I mean, the headlines the next day after she was found read: "drugs has claimed another member of Seattle’s well-known Rock scene." Great era of music but we were sadly losing many of those that were making it great and doing nothing about it.

Nirvana on Instagram.

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hey! i see you always share old memorabilia and stuff about nirvana and the 90s and wondered if you had stuff on kurt's death?

This blog was created to keep Nirvana alive. To let everyone remember the band for who they really were and what they stood for and that’s what I’ve done over the course of five or so years. That’s one thing I’ve kept away from this blog is articles, pictures, videos, etc.. anything related to Kurt Cobain’s passing. I do believe I’ve shared quotes from others speaking about it, nothing too deep. That’s one of a few things I refuse to share or talk about. I’m always receiving questions/messages every single day, some of which are asking about this topic. It’s a pointless issue and discussion as it always brings in the same attraction and same arguments from both sides of the table. I have hundreds of pictures and videos and magazine articles and newspaper articles that I could share. But it won’t happen. Thanks for the question!

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Interviewer: "What and who is Nirvana? How would you describe your music?"

Chad Channing: "Me and two friends, Kurt and Krist. Nirvana, well, I can give you the meaning. It’s kind of like, it’s like the freedom from, like, all pain and desire, you know? Just a perfect place between peace and your mind, I guess. I would describe it more like Heavy Pop."

Kurt Cobain: "A three-piece underground alternative grunge rock band from Seattle, Washington, or the outskirts of Seattle, Washington. That’s about it. That’s what we are. We play very powerful high-energy type of rock and roll. We move around on stage a lot, and just scream with an abandon, I guess."

Krist Novoselic: "Three guys from Puget Sound area: Olympia, Bainbridge Island and Tacoma. Nirvana is a seven letter word and Nirvana is a, concept. We play rock ‘n’ roll music without inhibition and without distraction, just like pure stuff. That’s a heavy question."

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October 26th, 1993 - The MECCA Auditorium in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

"We’d like to thank Jawbreaker and Mudhoney for playing with us, thanks." - Kurt Cobain.

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Submission from: @ShittyAlbumArt. your favorite albums drawn like crap. ShittyAlbumArt - Instagram.

I absolutely love this idea.

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November, 1992 - Kurt Cobain in Seattle.

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20 years today - Nirvana were scheduled to perform at the Shoreline Theatre in California. It was cancelled two days before Kurt’s passing in April.

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August 28th, 1993 - Nirvana meet with Youri Lenquette for a photoshoot in Seattle.

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Maya Beiser the “Cello Goddess” covers Nirvana’s ‘Lithium.’

"When I first heard Nirvana I thought at last, someone did it. Someone found a way to make chamber music out of real rock ‘n’ roll. It was like hearing late Beethoven quartets - all the power of larger forces, packed into something intimate and personal. Kurt Cobain’s voice is like a cello, like Pablo Casals - the combination of grit and beauty, going from whisper to a primal scream on a dime. The chord progressions are unique and unexpected, but as soon as you hear them, it’s like they’ve been around forever." - Maya Beiser.

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A new mural honoring Nirvana and its place in the histories of the city of Aberdeen and the grunge movement was installed last weekend on the side of a flooring shop.

“The mural is not an apology, it is not fan art, it is not a justification, it is not hero worship, it is not Seattle, It is not about Kurt Cobain alone, though it acknowledges his tragic arc. Rather it memorializes Nirvana as a group — to some extent its present state and mostly references the Harbor here where it all began.”

Former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic, who remains a Washingtonian, is expected to speak at the Sept. 20 dedication, which will be followed by a street fair. Read More.

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The Sprawl
Sonic Youth
Daydream Nation
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Are you for sale?
Does ‘fuck you’ sound simple enough?
This was the only part that turned me on.
But he was candy all over.


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Today in 1991 (August 27th) - Nirvana performed at the Aladin Music Hall in Bremen, Germany. This is the poster from the event. Special thanks to Sonic Youth for providing the poster!

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