has Kurt Cobain/Nirvana ever been to Newport, Wales? There was a rumour that he proposed to Courtney in a famous local bar here (T.J's) Cheers mate!

December 10th, 1991 - Kurt Cobain traveled to TJ’s in the United Kingdom to meet with Courtney Love as her band Hole played that evening.

"We’d heard rumours that Mr. Cobain was lurking around on the periphery of the tour on his days off so it was nice to see him show up down at TJ’s." - Mike McKeegan of the band ‘Therapy?’

"Courtney Love had come in late and I’d taken her through, too late even to do a vocal check. Some time later this guy came shambling up and I challenged him because he went to walk straight in. I said ‘That’ll be £5, mate’ or whatever it was and he muttered something pretty unintelligible. He had hair all over the place and I was thinking he may be one of those occasional people we got who just wandered in off the street, coming in by mistake.

The second time I challenged him he brushed his hair off his face and said, ‘I’m with Courtney’ and of course then I recognized immediately who it was. What was nice was at the end of the night Kurt shook my hand and said, ‘Thanks man, you’ve got a nice venue here’.” - Simon Phillips [venue promoter].


"I always wanted to think that I was an alien and a spaceship let me off onto a differently planet. I wanted to be from a different planet really bad."

Kurt Cobain.

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After Nirvana, Chad Channing finds his place with Before Cars.

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"Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ came out when I was nine and it changed my life. I wouldn’t be playing music if it wasn’t for Nirvana. So it’s a pleasure to be here and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t melancholy to be here. The most surreal moment was rehearsing and hearing Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear fucking playing. That was rad." - St. Vincent/Anne Clark at Nirvana’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, 2014.

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Kurt Cobain talks about a dream he had in 1993.

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From Spin magazine, 1993:

Cobain moves to the far wall. "Time to get the Leadbelly records out." He hands one to me, a deep blue duo-tone adorning the time-worn jacket. "I think he’s still most popular among intellectual Jewish communists from the East Coast," Kurt says jokingly. One of the rarest of his Leadbelly records is cracked, and he explains Courtney isn’t always so good at taking care of records. Recently, Cobain says, a lawyer representing the Leadbelly estate phoned up, offering him the only guitar Leadbelly ever had. "But it was $500,000. I can’t afford that," he shrugs his shoulders, moving over to another stack of albums, and smiles sarcastically. "I just wish there was some really rich Rock star I could borrow the cash from."

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From an interview out of ‘Alternative Press’ magazine, 1993:

"If Nirvana’s success means anything to Dave Grohl, it’s that he can now indulge his passion for expensive timepieces, just as Krist Novoselic was able to fulfill his dream of owning a farm, and Kurt Cobain, we’ll get to Cobain later, as soon as he gets back to us. Right now, his chicken dinner is cold and congealing in front of his empty seat, and it reminds Grohl of something..

This guy in Spain was killed when a boulder fell down a hill and hit him in the back. What was funny about it was that he was having sex with a chicken at the time. He was lying there, with a boulder on his back and a chicken crammed into his crotch.”

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"When Sara and I were 13 we became obsessed with Smashing Pumpkins. From there we got into Nirvana and from there Hole. After Kurt Cobain died and Hole put out ‘Live Through This’ I became a bonafide obsessed fan. I projected a sad, heartbroken narrative on the whole band and their lives post Kurt. My walls were COVERED with posters of Nirvana and Hole and interwoven with the posters were photos of them cut out from Rolling Stone and Spin Magazine. My parents, who were obviously the coolest people on the planet, allowed us to have subscriptions to both magazines. Sara and I would tear through the issues and then divvy up the pages to be torn from the magazine and then taped to our walls. To say we were obsessed would be generous. We were possessed.

For our 14th birthday I remember my parents got me and Sara bootleg VHS movies of live concerts of Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana and Hole. We watched them over and over again. I remember my parents popping in for a few minutes and sort of staring confused at our hysteria over these grainy, inaudible video tapes. But they understood it on some level. They bought us the hair dye we requested when we decided we wanted to bleach our hair and dye it weird colours. They let us cut up our jeans, safety pinning them back together again immediately after. They let us buy vintage army boots and wear all their old band t-shirts. They drove us to local gigs and showed no apparent judgement when we would pile back into the van afterwards with 7 friends in tow, all beaten up, torn apart, our hair half a mess from being in the mosh pit all night at local punk shows. If anything they seemed pleased we were discovering who we were.” - Tegan Quin.

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"My biggest influence was Punk Rock for sure, I was weaned on Hard Rock like Led Zeppelin, Skin Diver, Aerosmith, and especially The Beatles when I was younger. I’d been kind of developing this style of intense, hard, "grungy," punk-rock-meets-hard-rock for a couple of years before we started this band, and then it really developed when we got together and started writing the songs." - Kurt Cobain, 1989.

"We have to make up an excuse for what I’ve written later on when someone asks me. The majority of my lyrics are just lines from poems I’ve written, it’s mainly just words, words that hopefully paint a picture." - Kurt Cobain.

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"I like it. I’m not gonna crack.
I miss you. I’m not gonna crack.
I love you. I’m not gonna crack.
I killed you. I’m not gonna crack."

— Lithium.

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"I think the 90s has a new generation of kids and teenagers who are more aware and they're generally more intelligent than the last generation of kids about 10 years ago."

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August, 1991.

Interviewer: "Why’s the album called ‘Nevermind?’

Kurt Cobain: "Because most people would just as soon say, ‘Nevermind’ than take a can of spray-paint, or start a band. People just don’t do things very often anymore. I’m kinda disturbed by it."

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eyeconoklast inquired:

Hello you beautiful tumblr page. I have often seen images of Kurt Cobain captioned with the quote "The world sucks, people are not true" floating around the internet. While I love the quote, I haven't been able to find proper evidence that Kurt said this. Any insight on this matter? Also, thanks for being awesome.

Thank you! That is a quote we also have never been able to figure out where the origin came from. There are several quotes that we’ve not pin-pointed on where Kurt Cobain said them. We understand that many quotes are made-up from Nirvana fans or others who may not realize who Kurt Cobain is and they use his name for a made-up quote and it then becomes popular.

While we have searched throughout the archives of Nirvana’s interviews and never found it. It may have been something he wrote down on paper in his journals, although we have searched his journals and found no such quote. We won’t completely rule it out but as of now we have no source for Kurt Cobain using it.

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youremyvitamins inquired:

Any info on the session jam with Krist, Dave, Josh Homme, Donita Sparks, Taylor Hawkins & Jim Keltner? Will it ever be released???

That was from July 16th, 2001. They jumped into the Conway Recording Studios in Hollywood, California and recorded a few tracks. None of which seem are going to be released anytime soon.

"One day in a studio in Los Angeles about eight or nine years ago, we had a big room at Conway to ourselves for the day and we thought, let’s run tape and invite a bunch of our friends over. So we invited Josh from Queens of the Stone Age, Krist Novoselic was there, Matt Sweeney the amazing guitar player was there and I was like, let’s call Keltner. So I called up Keltner and said, “Hey man come down, we’re gonna mess around and roll tape.” He’s a legend you know, his meter, his vibe, he’s a real vibe player you know. So he comes out, sits down behind a drumset, and does everything sideways, and backwards.

And as we’re jamming, I look over and he’s got a stick and a shaker in one hand, and a brush and a frying pan in the other and he’s playing the snare with his foot or whatever. It was fucking crazy what he was doing, but it had this sound. And I watched it and I thought, THAT is messed up! And then I listened to it, and I thought, “THAT is genius!” And then I realized, people call Jim Keltner because that’s what Jim does, he plays like Jim Keltner. And for years whenever I went into a studio to play with anyone I’d be really self conscious like, “God I hope I’m doing what they want me to do, I hope it sounds right, I hope I’m playing well.” And after watching Keltner do that I thought, “You know what, from now on I’m just gonna go in and play, like I would play.”” - Dave Grohl, 2011.