October 26th, 1991 - Nirvana live in San Francisco, California at the Warfield Theatre. The show was packed full of kids all ages. Nirvana loved doing the all ages shows. The price to get in was a little expensive at the time (costing $13.00) to witness history. Kurt Cobain stated after the show: "Tonight ruled. It’s cool doing these all ages shows. I’m really into doing it for the kids. It kinda sucks that the door (price to get in) was high.."

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July 23rd, 1993 - Kurt Cobain live at the Roseland Ballroom in New York. Kurt Cobain overdosed on heroin in a bathroom hotel before the show and was revived by Courtney Love. He stated about the incident:
"It’s a part of my life that I’m not too proud of.. It’s been going on for years. Then I slowly decided not to self-destruct. I wasn’t familiar with what heroin does to people. I did it first in ‘85/’86 in Aberdeen. I’d wanted to try it for ever. I wanted to be a junkie for a few months after ‘Nevermind’ and the tour. It was a really stupid idea. I didn’t understand how evil it is, how hard it is to get off it. It’s the most addictive thing I’ve ever tried. It’s an ongoing dilemma. I still have problems with it. This year.. I’ve fucked up a few times.. I couldn’t fool myself or anyone else that I won’t do it again; I’ll always be a junkie."

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horizingsun inquired:

hey, i saw your post that showed another page of Kurt's Journal about Chad leaving. So I wondered why did he leave?

Here is a video I posted two years ago with Kurt speaking about it.

If the video isn’t working, this is what he says: "For a long time, we weren’t happy with Chad’s drumming. He has his own unique style, and it’s appropriate for a lot of the songs that we wrote but not for what we wanted to do at the time. We wanted to move into a Pop world. His style just didn’t fit."

October 26th, 1993 - The MECCA Auditorium in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

"We’d like to thank Jawbreaker and Mudhoney for playing with us, thanks." - Kurt Cobain.

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Maya Beiser the “Cello Goddess” covers Nirvana’s ‘Lithium.’

"When I first heard Nirvana I thought at last, someone did it. Someone found a way to make chamber music out of real rock ‘n’ roll. It was like hearing late Beethoven quartets - all the power of larger forces, packed into something intimate and personal. Kurt Cobain’s voice is like a cello, like Pablo Casals - the combination of grit and beauty, going from whisper to a primal scream on a dime. The chord progressions are unique and unexpected, but as soon as you hear them, it’s like they’ve been around forever." - Maya Beiser.

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Kurt Cobain speaking about his heroin use and stomach issues. I’ve received a few messages from people asking where the gun quote came from, here ya go.

"I instantly regained that familiar burning nausea and decided to either kill myself or stop the pain. I bought a gun but chose drugs instead."

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"If you throw one more shoe or one more coin, I’m gonna turn on my guitar amplifier and leave for an hour and it’s gonna be massive feedback for an hour, because when one rotten apple in the class fucks it up, the rest have to suffer, Okay?" - Kurt Cobain speaking to the rambunctious crowd in Springfield, Massachusetts. November 10th, 1993.

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"I do love kids. I know that sounds weird, but I do. I have a little sister who’s four years old. And I was a lifeguard, and I taught pre-school kids how to swim, and I worked at the YMCA and did daycare, and I babysat during my teenage years. Which was all kind of a strange thing in Aberdeen, because mostly males don’t babysit that much and sometimes when I was sitting and the lady’s date would come over, he’d have this weird reaction when he saw me." - Kurt Cobain, 1991.

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From an article out of ‘Kerrang!’ magazine, August 24th, 1991:

"Nirvana are it. The shit. The beef. The most likely to succeed. The Seattle band destined to go where no current or ex-Sub-Popper has gone before. Songs like ‘In Bloom’, ‘Drain You’, or ‘Teen Spirit’ are that good."

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23 years ago today, Nirvana played the Reading Festival for the first time. They would have a scheduled photoshoot with Steve Gullick and several interviews also lined up for the same day.

Interviewer: “‘Bleach’ was filled with smalltown psychos like “Floyd The Barber”, “Mr. Moustache” and “Negative Creep”, with its monstrous riffs and crazed chorus of “Daddy’s little girl ain’t a girl no more, Daddy’s little girl ain’t a girl no more.” Was “Negative Creep” a heavy duty look at child abuse?”

Krist Novoselic: "It’s nothing to do with child abuse.."

Kurt Cobain: "It could be, yes. No. Maybe so."

Krist Novoselic: "It’s just somebody sounding miserable, it’s not about child abuse."

Kurt Cobain: "Well child abuse is a good try, that’s kinda cool. I’m glad people ask questions like that because usually no one has any questions about the songs. They don’t have any idea of what the subject’s about."

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An Apology from Henry Rollins.

Respect to Henry Rollins. I avoided making a comment on his earlier comments as I expected this outcome, an apology, which I knew he would eventually do once his mind was clear because of Henry’s own personal demons he’s battled. Thank you Henry.

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"Here is an important Rock album [Nevermind], I never understood Metal bands saying Nirvana derailed their career. Maybe those bands just didn’t have the goods.."

-Nikki Sixx.

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"I had a nice conversation with original SNL announcer Don Pardo when Nirvana played the show the 1st time. R.I.P. Mr. Pardo"

Krist Novoselic.

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"Everyone feels insecure at times.. or depressed. People feel vulnerable and are unsure why they feel that way." - Kurt Cobain. #ReachOut.

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"I don’t like things that are pretty and clean and nice, I can’t buy new clothes, I have to wear my old clothes. I mean, these are the same pants that I’ve worn for the last three years. This is a mohair sweater. I buy mohair sweaters secondhand. I like to buy old things. I like old, dingy, dirty things because they have more character. There’s more detail to weathered things. There’s more detail to decay. I can’t stand anything that’s new. So even though I’m a really rich Rock star I have to wear old dirty clothes because it’s the only way I feel comfortable." - Kurt Cobain, 1992.

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