September 9th, 1992 - After debating over performing ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ and ‘Rape Me.’ Nirvana plays ‘Lithium’ at the MTV Video Music Awards in California.

newwaveboy inquired:

I can't link you to it from here, but AV Club has a hilarious interview with the lead singer from Say Anything about why he absolutely hates "Rape Me" but somehow loves Nirvana. Yeah, I know, right? Let's just file it under the "You Just Don't Fucking Get It, Do You" Section.

Hah! I did read that. I always love reading people’s interpretation for Nirvana songs even if they are right or wrong. It reminds me of when Nirvana would read letters or articles or watch fans describe their music and give their opinions on ‘Nevermind’ or ‘In Utero.’ - ‘Rape Me’ dates all the way back to 1991. I even uploaded the very first performance of it on the blog three years ago. So to me, it’s really hilarious how twenty years later, with all of my postings that I’ve done myself over the past five years and all of the many interviews and books and articles written between now and then, that people still don’t get it.

Rape Me [Demo]
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Nirvana - ‘Rape Me’ featuring a baby Frances Bean Cobain in the background of the studio.

serjir inquired:

What do you think about the version of "Rape Me" that Richard Cheese has?

I really have no opinion about it honestly. I’ve listened to it maybe twice in my entire life. It’s just “another Nirvana cover” in my opinion. The only difference here is that its done by a comedian artist that makes a living covering other big hits. That should pretty much sum up Richard Cheese and his career.

li0nn3 inquired:

I've always been curious about the message behind , rape me. Do you know of one?

Behind the song, ‘Rape Me?’ You can click here and read all about that song, including early write-ups for a music video that was never created! And here is a post I created a year ago with Kurt speaking out about the song.

Short quote from the second link: "Basically, I was trying to write a song that supported women and dealt with the issue of rape." - Kurt Cobain.

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Kurt Cobain performing ‘Rape Me’ at MTV’s Live and Loud, 1993.

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So I noticed the lyrics to the demos of Rape Me, and Even In His Youth are vastly different. Do you having anything on them? Like the development processes if those songs? Or the exact lyrics?

Which demos are you speaking of? There were several different demos, each containing slightly different tunings/lyrics, especially ‘Rape Me’ - which had a completely different solo (as shown during ‘Live at The Paramount, 1991.) Let us know!

Watch part of Nirvana's 'MTV Live and Loud' performance here!

Watch Nirvana perform ‘Heart-Shaped Box’, ‘Rape Me’, and rehearsals for ‘Very Ape’ and ‘Radio Friendly Unit Shifter’ which include Kurt Cobain behind the drums!

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Rape Me [Acoustic]
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Nirvana - Rape Me [Acoustic]

Kurt Cobain performing an acoustic version of Rape Me, 1991.

Interviewer: "The intro of ‘Rape Me’ sounds a bit like ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit.’"

Dave Grohl: "Yes."

Kurt Cobain: "It’s an obvious inside joke.. [annoyed]"

Krist Novoselic: “If you play the second song backwards off the Knack record, it sounds My Sharona; so that’s what we were doing. I recommend playing ‘In Utero’ backwards. Ohh! I let it slip.. I shouldn’t have said that.. There is all kinds of Kurt is dead, total devil worship, the worse kind.”

Kurt Cobain: “Now some white trash mothers are going to sue us after they beat their children for a few years and neglect them and they kill themselves and blame it on us. [laughs] “I tanned his ass everyday! He should have turned out just fine, if it wasn’t for that record..”“

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Nirvana - Rape Me (Live in Paris, France, 1994)

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Nirvana - Rape Me (Rehearsal from Live and Loud, 1993)

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Nirvana performing at 'Live and Loud', 1993. Featuring Kurt Cobain on drums!

Watch Nirvana perform ‘Heart-Shaped Box’, ‘Rape Me’, Radio Friendly Unit Shifter’ and a rehearsal of ‘Very Ape’ featuring Kurt Cobain on drums here!

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Nirvana - Nirvana Address The Controversy Around Their Song 'Rape Me' In 1993

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Listen to ‘Heart-Shaped Box’ and ‘Rape Me’ from MTV’s Live and Loud show here!

Pre-order the 20th Anniversary of ‘In Utero’ here.

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