1992 Magazine advertisement for a California store selling band merchandise including Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Soundgarden, Janes Addiction, Primus and Nine Inch Nails.

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Recent Nirvana releases for 2013/2014:
Click the bold below to make your purchase.

In Utero 2013 Mix - vinyl.
In Utero 20th Anniversary - 2CD Edition / Super Deluxe Edition.
Live and Loud - DVD.
Men’s Seahorse T-Shirt.
Women’s Flower T-Shirt.
Kurt Cobain: The Last Session. (brand new book)

The newest blog update should be coming next month! I’ve been working on a lot lately. Check the store.

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Nirvana - Store

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You wanted this shirt back in stock, and so now it’s available in various sizes! You can click here and order the ‘Seahorse’ Nirvana tee.

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Nirvana - With The Lights Out boxset. This year marks 10 years since its release! Read more about the boxset here. If you want to purchase it, you may do so here.

United States link.

United Kingdom link.

MP3 link.

Visit the Store!

Have you checked out the Store?

Albums. Singles. Boxsets. Videos. Books. Clothing. Posters. Phone cases.

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Store. - [re-designed the layout. added the option to order ‘Clothing' from countries: United States, United Kingdom, France, Australia and Japan - still in progress]


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New Men’s ‘In Utero: Live at the University of Buffalo' T-Shirt is available! Order it here.

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Nirvana T-Shirt/Clothing Store!

Have you shopped at the Nirvana store recently? Choose your country! We’ve updated the Store with updated Amazon links directed to your choice of location. Rock on!

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Have i got the right nirvana page Do you have links to a nirvana store?

This is the one! Yes mam, you may click here for our Store. (http://nirvananews.tumblr.com/Store)

We’re currently in talks with others and Amazon to have links set up for Germany, Japan, Australia and other countries. We’ve been confirmed for United Kingdom and the United States - the Store ships world-wide.

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The Nirvana Store.

Oh yeah, we have these ‘new’ (not really new, had them on our Winter section for a while, forgot to say something about it) - Unisex Nirvana pajamas in the store, too.

Order Here.

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We have a new shirt we’re bringing into the Store! The Nirvana Flowers Top. Order it here.

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Kurt Cobain - About a Son.

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We have this new shirt we added to the store. Nirvana’s Women’s ‘Live at Reading’ tee! Order Here.

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